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It is a database that lists horse brasses, which are classified according to families, subfamilies and tags (Stamped, Cast, KB ...).
The horse brasses will also be marked by stars according to the rarity.

It is a program I developed to help you list your own collection of horse brasses. For further information, please e-mail us at :

The Shop is an area where members will be able to sell, buy or swap horse brasses. Send us your request.

The tab ‘Contributions’ allows you to send us a photo of a horse brass which is not shown yet.

In the tab History/Photos/Events, you will see many photographs of heavy horses which come from our own collection and photos of collectors' displays.

You can register yourself in order to access all the functions.
You’ll find all the necessary details to use the website in the tab ‘Help'.

Very special thanks to Dick who gave us so much precious advice and to the members who have contributed to this website.
Some photos courtesy of R.J. Bradshaw (copyright)

Thank you for your visit, hope you will come again soon.
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